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About Salt Therapy

What is Salt Therapy?

Salt Therapy is a completely natural, non-invasive and drug free treatment where dry salt aerosol is passively inhaled in a specially constructed Salt Room.

This therapy involves breathing in microscopic salt particles which has a positive effect on respiratory and skin aliments. The dry sodium chloride aerosol in the Salt Room eliminates airborne particles from the airways and helps the body purge itself of toxins. Salt Therapy is a safe complimentary therapy and has no side effects.

There are no microbes or allergens in the Salt Room. This allows the body's immune system to rest during treatment. The salt particles convert positive ions into negative ions, vital in strengthening the body's immune system.

How does Salt Therapy work?

Salt Therapy is based on the principle of prolonged exposure to the microclimate found in natural salt mines or salt caves. Cavan Salt Clinic uses patented state of the art technology to reproduce the atmosphere of a salt cave with a monitored therapeutic microclimate. Air in our Salt Rooms is ionized and saturated with a natural substance - a low concentration of curative highly dispersed aerosol of dry salt.

Inhalation of salt aerosol is clinically proven to cleanse the respiratory system of the human body and to speed up elimination of toxins. A salt aerosol rich in negative ions is proven to have bactericidal effects, cleansing microbial flora of the respiratory tract, slowing down bacterial growth and increasing resistance to respiratory tract diseases. This effect is used to relieve your symptoms of asthma, COPD, Cystic Fibrosis (CF), sinusitis, as well as frequent respiratory tract diseases in children and adults.

Airborne salt particles have a beneficial effect on skin and are known for their high cosmetic value due to the high mineral content. Salt aerosol is a well known decongestant. It reduces inflammation and has antimicrobial affects.

Since natural salt caves and salt mines are not conveniently accessible for most people, the conditions of the salt caves were recreated by using Halotherapy (Halos in Greek means salt). Dry sodium chloride aerosol containing particles of 1-5µm. in size is produced by a special nebulizer and released into the Salt Room.

Here at Cavan Salt Clinic we offer a combination of both Speleotherapy and Halotherapy to maximise treatment benefit to you.

Who can benefit from Salt Therapy treatment?

Salt Therapy can benefit children from 1 years upwards and adults with respiratory and skin ailments, as well as those in good health who want to strengthen their immunity and enjoy a relaxing treatment with proven positive effects on wellbeing.

Salt therapy is extremely beneficial for people with restricted mobility, e.g. people in the wheelchairs, because lack of movement and physical activity often leads to accumulation of mucus in the lungs. We have wheelchair-friendly access to the facilities and both the impaired person and their carer can enjoy a therapeutic, relaxing session. Salt has dehumidifying properties (you will no doubt notice slight tingling and dryness in the throat during the session) and naturally assists your body in removing accumulated excess fluid in the airways.

How long is a session?

40 minutes per session for adults

30 minutes per session for children

There is a 10 minute gap between each session in order to filter and purify the room.

What do I wear for Salt Room Therapy?

Wear comfortable clothing. The salt air will not harm your clothing, nor leave a noticeable residue.

What do I do once I'm in the room?

Cavan Salt Clinic is designed for tranquillity as much as therapy. The salt therapy room is a retreat from the world. Lie back, relax and breathe. Read, meditate, or listen to music. Health is only one of the reasons you'll return.

If you're with your child, then it's playtime. Children will love the toys, games and books.

What does it feel like?

Salt Therapy is a relaxing, peaceful and rejuvenating experience. While sitting in the room you are surrounded by the fine salt particles and negative ions created in the air. Sometimes people detect a subtle and pleasant salt taste on their lips.

How often should I have Salt Room Therapy?

48 hours between each session is recommended.

How many treatments should I have?

Each individual has a different requirement. One of our specialist will consult you on the best plan that is suitable for your condition. The plan usually consists of an intensive treatment followed by an ongoing maintenance and wellbeing plan.

Is Salt Therapy a substitute for medical treatment?

No, Salt Therapy is a complimentary therapy and should only be used as an adjunct to medical advice.