My daughter Zuzanna from October very often suffered from Chest Infection or Flu. She had several antibiotics. Recently, a colleague in work told me about Cavan Salt Clinic which helps in the treatment of such diseases. Because I care about the health of my daughter I decided to try and bought a few sessions. At the time of the first session of my Zuzia was coughing and had a runny nose and finding it hard to breath at night while she slept. With the next session in the Salt Clinic the health of my daughter began to improve. At first she stopped coughing, runny nose later stopped and began to sleep better at night. It is worth to invest in the health of the child because now she is completely healthy, no runny nose or cough is not there. If necessary, in the future I’m going to take advantage of re-meeting in Cavan Salt Clinic in order to improve the health of my family.

Iwona Kutakowska

I would highly recommend anyone with Asthma to go to Cavan Salt Clinic, as I was on taken a lot of antibiotics for months and getting nowhere. I went to the Salt Clinic and never looked back since I attended it. I do not have to take any antibiotics and I am able to sleep through the whole night.

Kathleen Brady (Adult)

Given my experience on behalf of Peter who is four, I feel the Salt Room really helped him he would suffer from Croup and a few sessions in the Salt Clinic helped clear up his lungs again, also he was on inhalers and doesn’t need them at present. I would definitely recommend the Salt Clinic to help with chest problems from my experience.

Catherine – Mother

I was recommended to try Salt Therapy for my 18 month old daughter by a friend. My daughter had been struggling with chest infections, sinus issues and runny nose. I was fed up with antibiotic after antibiotic and doctor after doctor.

I highly recommend this therapy to anyone who suffers from similar issues, young or old. My daughters sinus and chest infection have dramatically improved. She is much better in herself and is sleeping better. The room is child friendly and the treatment is relaxing.
It is definitely something I will continue.

Edel Connelly

I found the Salt Clinic very good. Very relaxing and very good for my Sinus it cleared them very well.

K O’ Neill

I have attended the Salt Clinic in Cavan over the past two weeks for six sessions. My little girl age 14 months has been attending her GP over the last six months with repeated Chest Infections. These required a course of steroids and antibiotics each visit, and continued use of inhalers.

I found out about Cavan Salt Clinic from another mother of an Asthmatic child. I immediately saw an improvement in my child’s sleeping pattern at night from session three. The clinic itself is very relaxing area and you can feel the benefit once inside the room. I would highly recommend the clinic to anybody with any Respiratory type illness. I also wish to thank Sinead and all her staff for their kindness and helpfulness over past few sessions.

Catherine Smith

I, Anna Smith have been attending the Salt Clinic in Cavan. I have found this treatment very beneficial. I had suffered from Sinusitis for some time and really find an improvement from the treatment at the clinic. My sleeping pattern has improved greatly. My whole well-being has enhanced.

I highly recommend anyone to give this treatment a try to experience the improvement in your life.

Anna Smith

I have suffered with Sinusitis for years and decided to give Salt Therapy a try, after attending Cavan Salt Clinic now for six sessions I find a great improvement in my symptoms. The treatment room in very comfortable and suits adults as well as children and the staff are very professional. I would recommend this treatment to anyone in a similar situation to my own.

John Lord

We have been attending Cavan Salt Clinic for the last while with my four year old daughter. She suffers badly with Sinus and Asthma. We have noticed an improvement in her sleep since the first visit to the Salt Clinic. We will continue to bring her in future.

Declan Keogh
Swellan Park

I brought my daughter Alana to the Salt Clinic following a year of repeated Chest Infections and many sleepless nights coughing and vomiting. Her sleep instantly improved which improved her whole wellbeing. Her energy levels have soared and she hasn’t had an antibiotic within four months. Alana initially had three sessions and cough returned a little after three months she then had four sessions with good results. I would highly recommend this treatment for children with chest complaints. The room is very relaxing and toys keep the little ones amused. The staff are very friendly and helpful. Well worth the money!!

Aine Woods

I have suffered from Sinus problems for the last twenty years and had tried everything to find relief. I heard about the Salt Clinic from a friend and booked in for six sessions. After the second session the relief I got was unbelievable. I will be recommending this treatment to anyone I know who has Respiratory problems.


I’ve been attending Cavan Salt Clinic for the last couple of weeks now to try and treat my Sinus problems, Allergies (inc Runny Eyes), a Blocked Ear etc After three sessions I’ve found my ear was completely relieved, my sinus problems were practically clear and my allergies were cleared.

Each session is very relaxing, and the staff is of the upmost standard being very helpful and friendly.

Even after all my sessions are complete, I will certainly return during hay fever season and I would definitely recommend these treatments to anyone with allergies.


My daughter advised me to try the Salt Clinic after I had two antibiotics for Sinus problems. I found the experience very relaxing. I had twelve sessions and ended medication, for the moment my head is much clearer and feel much better. I compare my experience like an experience on holidays in the salt lake area of Spain. The staff could not be more friendly and obliging; they would take you for a treatment at a moment’s notice.

John Sullivan

I have completed six sessions at the Cavan Salt Clinic. I found the sessions very relaxing and comfortable. The main benefit for me was clearance within the lungs also a fantastic improvement in my sleeping pattern. I am sleeping right through the night – something I have not being able to do for over five years. I recommend you give it a go!